Unsuitable Girl

The next novel



The next novel is now taking shape, and is in second draft, and at the moment looks to be around 87000 words.

It begins right after the end of Unsuitable Girl with Pravin on the plane, wondering if he is doing the right thing to leave. The settings are Uganda, Scotland, England and Uganda again, ending up in England and on to the next generation. Does it close the circle, and bring solace to Pravin abnd Amy? Read it and see!

I plan to have it ready by Spring 2020. 


It is now September 2021. 

The new title, Hold fast to Dreams is from Langston Hughes's poem. He was a leading and successful scholar, novelist and poet in the Harlem Renaissance.


'Hold fast to Dreams

for if dreams die

life is a broken winged bird

that cannot fly.'


I thought it was a more hopeful and accurate picture of how Amy and Pravin held fast to their dream of having a  life together, in spite of the world of disapproval, in 1960s-2000s UK.


So here I am in 2023, still unpublished and still determined to get it out somehow, if only I had the energy and focus required! After one year and seven months after a hip replacement I am still not back up to speed with anything in life yet!

Is it that old enemy age? Possibly! But some people manage to keep vitally energetic in spite of the inevitable slowing down.  So I will keep on keeping on and attempt to establish a regular work time each day again. Maybe I need a mentor?



































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