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Easter emotions

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For me, Easter brings some dark emotions embodied in the Scottish Presbyterian hymn we used to sing each year.

'There is a green hill far away, without the city wall,

where our dear Lord was crucified 

who died to save us all...'

There you have it. For a child, in the fifities, this was traumatic stuff. So always for me there is a hinterland, a backdrop, to the chocolate bunnies and eggs which haunts the back of my mind. However it is easily overcome with blue skies, gardening, sowing seeds, pruning, seeing the tadpoles newly wriggling in the pond, and the blossom dancing in the Amelanchier tree with Goldfinches fluttering to feed on the sunflower seeds. 

Our little ones are happy, away with their bunnies and eggs, to spend time with friends. We, the grandparents, are appreciative of the peace we need to sit and enjoy the burgeoning garden growth around us.

May they have a memorable time this year 2023. It's time to emerge after the trials of the pandemic to have some carefree fun together with friends.  

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