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Immigrants in the UK

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Today in the Sunday Times, March 4th, 2012, Jack Grimston writes about the huge successes of British Chinese pupils in their GCSE exams. They outstrip their  white contemporaries by miles.

When asked, most pupils explain their great success to be the result of their parents' expectations and encouragement.  These kids bring brains, work ethic and motivation with them to school and their parents expect the best from them.  No laissez-faire attitudes from their parents, since they have a clear idea of what parenting means.

 So I count that as evidence  supporting my previous post about the rich harvest immigrants bring to this country.  Sad to say, we the indigenous people, seem to have become so liberal,  that 'yoof' trumps all and must have its way, even though it lacks experience, knowledge of the world and of the harshness of life out in the world of work.

And in my book 'Unsuitable Girl', Jetha's grandson is sent to England by Amrath and Benkuvar, his parents, who want the best for him and to enhance the status of their family in Uganda.

 He was part of the third generation of Indians settled in Uganda, part of the business community ultimately let down by the Britsh colonial administration as it wound up its involvement in this troublesome place.

Sic transit gloria mundi, as the Romans might have said!

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