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The road back to health?

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Today I've been in the garden sowing some carrots seeds and lettuce. And this morning walked round the corner to the Post Box. All this small activity... to begin the fight back to lower my 'raised lipids'...the results of a blood test came today along with a promise of a call from the surgery pharmacist, I bet, about statins. No thank you. Today's total walking is only a slow half a mile, but it's a start back to normality.....a mile brisk walk every day.

I will lower the lipids by exercise. After seven weeks of being ill, and stuck under a blanket or in bed, the result is a rise in lipids. This is the idiocy of using stats for blood results to advise patients. Nobody, including my excellent GP thought to ask me what have I've been doing for seven weeks..... because these levels of lipids signal possible strokes or heart attacks..never mind I am not overweight and I'm normally very fit, and eat very healthily. 

End of rant!

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