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Democratic debate in Taksim Square?

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The daily coverage of the peaceful protests against the Turkish Prime Minister in our news media brings into focus how thin a thread 'freedom' is, and entwined within it like a DNA helix, is the notion of democracy.

Democracy is a messy troubling business.  The trouble with the situation in Turkey I think , from what I hear on the BBC, and Channel 4, from Taksim Square, from Turks, is that they feel their lives are in danger of being limited by right wing  religious constraints like,  'holding hands in public is not allowed any more' , 'women ought to have at least three children'  and the tacit assumption that head covering is right for women , when the secular constituition of Turkey, clearly outlawed such outdated practice, way back in the revolution of Ataturk.

I hope my reading of this is somewhere along the lines of sense, and I know my friend Yildiz, in Istanbul, will correct me if I'm way off!

Seeing peaceful protesters having water hoses , rubber bullets and tear gas attacks is a sad reflection on the lack of respect a right wing government shows towards those who did not vote them in.  But they have a right to say what they feel, without being treated like rioters.

Such a response of course will instigate riots, from sheer anger and frustration, and this will play into the  hands of an authoritarian government.

Democracy is messy and difficult but it's the best system we have, backed up by a free and nosey  press.  Turkey has a huge number of journalists in jail.

I hope someone can cool the flames and bring peace.

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  1. Yildiz ([email protected])

    Turkey has been governed by the same political party for the last three terms. During the last two years there has been a lot of interventions into our way of life verbally or by new lows. All these protest are expressing the bottled up feelings of millions of people who felt unhappy and humuliated and angry all this time.unfortunately the government still misinterprets the events

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