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  1. Our NHS!

     So, I’ve had a week of an eye infection, with antibiotic eye drops doing their stuff, clearing it quite quickly from scary very red eye to a clear eye. But day three,  pink returned, and the drops seemed to have lost effect. Help!

     The GP sent me to an optometrist in Gnosall, rather than just giving me more antibiotic drops. She  found a corneal ulcer in my eye, which was feeling inflamed again. So she set up another prescription for the drops and also set up a referral to Royal Stoke emergency eye clinic. 

     By the time we had returned home to  Eccleshall, the surgery had left a message on the landline that my referral letter was ready to be collected, and the prescription order was with them. 

     Then later in the early evening came a call from the Royal Stoke Emergency Eye Clinic telling me I have an appointment on the morning of January 1st

     All this happened within one day. I had simply asked for a repeat of the original drops prescription at 9.30 am and boom….action stations!

     When I think of the massive pressure all NHS staff are working under, I am filled with gratitude that they continue to maintain an amazing service for us all. 


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