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Good grief...My 'Unsuitable Girl' seems now in thrall to Vikram Seth's 'Suitable Girl' which is due out in the autumn 2013.

I hope it will be an advantage to fly perhaps in the wake of his illustrious work...who knows. Perhaps if a publisher shows interest they may change the title, but I like the title 'Unsuitable Girl', since it says so much about how women have been viewed, even by themselves over the years, and still are in many ways.

Young girls now have the repercussions of those  vile porn industry scenarios, which  invade the minds of boys at earlier and earlier ages...and so a non sexually forward girl becomes 'unsuitable' for many over sexualised boys.

Will we ever reach a balanced attitude to sex in the western world? 

How can parents now protect their daughters and sons, from this creep of porn attitudes?


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