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Freedom of speech? Not here!

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David Ward MP has been stripped of the party whip for eight weeks by Nick Clegg ( the Lib Dem leader).  Why? Did he cheat on his expenses? No.  Did he deceive one of his constituents? No.  Did he bring the Lib Dems embarrassment? Well, yes he did.  How? I hear you ask...well he spoke the truth.  The truth dare not be spoken for some unfathomable reason which escapes me entirely.  Unless, let me guess, are we enslaved totally to the US?

Apparently he used  'inappropriate language' according to the always holier than thou Simon Hughes.

What would the appropriate language be then, I wonder, for ethnic cleansing of the Bedouin people from the Negev desert , their ancestral home. This is happeneing on a daily basis, now.

What would the appropriate language be for stealing water from farmlands, for arresting children, for uprooting olive trees, for buildng over farms belonging to Palestinian families? For constructing illegal settlements over Palestinian lands which then take the water and dump sewage on  Palestinian lands, or use sewage water to spray protestors?...Yes that is true.  What is the appropriate language?

Reminds me of what happened to the Native Indians in America, having measles generously given to them, so many died.  In the early days of settling America, the Indians helped the settlers to survive. In the early days of the arrival of the Jews in Palestine, the Arabs helped these benighted people. And now these same Zionist Jews are working to exterminate Palestinians from 'their' Israel, their 'promised land'.

So David Ward is being reprimanded publicly by his party leader for speaking the truth.

I ask what has happened to freedom of speech in this country? He spoke about the reality of what is being perpetrated over there every day while we all look the other way.

Ethnic cleansing, stealing land, water, and apartheid...apparently 'inappropriate language' but in reality this is inappropriate gagging of a man speaking the truth.

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