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Where can I start?  Jimmy Saville, the heavily tarnished and former  'saint' who thought he could do anything to anyone because he had raised so much money for charities defies description. 

No words can encompass the depth of betrayal he plumbed, the depravity allowed to haunt these children's lives for decades...but what is even more appalling is the looking away by many people in show business....in the BBC, and whoever else who 'knew' ...snigger snigger ..but walked by on the other side of the road, averting their eyes.

The pity of it all is that now even more, the cult, the panicked fear, of seeing  paediophilia in every adult who comes near children, will spread.

It will take a very long and deep evisceration of the BBC to gouge out this toxin...how the mighty have fallen.  

All this glosses over the other sad fact, that many women and girls working in the BBC and presumably many other workplaces in this country, have put up with groping, fondling and other unwanted intrusive hands upon their persons, back in the sixties, seventies and eighties all to ensure they would not lose their jobs, or chances of promotion. So 2012...we have made some progress, a way to go still, but  some progress against the tyranny of untrammelled testosterone. 

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