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Glasgow University misogyny rules

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With disbelief I read today in the Sunday Times of the barracking destructive shouting at female debaters during their speeches, which took place during  a debating competition at Glasgow University.

In the audience, when two other competitors told the male students to be quiet,  they were treated to even more mysogenistic foul language.

Unbelievably, the judges remarked that the female debaters' arguments had not been affected by the disturbances.  The women concerned shared all this on Facebook and  had waves of abusive and supportive responses.

How can this be happening in the UK in 2013? Is it a Scottish thing?  A Glasgow thing?

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  1. Urszula ([email protected])

    I followed this story with disgust but not surprise. The Glasgow University Union has long held the reputation of an old boy's club where women are made to feel unwelcome and objectified. A friend of mine went to talk to a male friend at the GUU bar only to have a glass thrown at her (narrowly missing). She was told that this was the MEN's rugby table. The few times I went to the GUU club night my female friend and I felt we had to constantly keep an eye on the men around us. We had a secret signal to indicate to each other that we felt uneasy. At the age of 18 it seemed normal for men to behave in this way. I felt silly for being so upset about it and confused about what was acceptable in terms of comments and unwanted advances. However this is definitely not a Glasgow/Glasgow uni/Scotland thing. Recently I reported 2 facebook pages to Strathclyde's president. They both used Strathclyde's name and both had overt references to sexual violence against women amongst other misogynist content. Oxford university was certainly no better. I felt lucky to be in an all female college there. x

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  2. ([email protected])

    I hear your anger sister! But having grown up and been educated in Scotland, I think I did not ever meet such treatment. Maybe I was just lucky. I am angry too that the Today Programme this morning wasn't full of the issue. Why does the VC of Glasgow University not pronounce upon it, and better still send these Neanderthals packing...out to the hills and into their caves? No place for them in this world now. No, I was genuinely shocked at the article. First I thought it might also have been that the girl was English...but no she is Scottish , from Glasgow and had come up from Cambridge for the debating competition. I await with interest to hear from my nieces who are in higher education in Glasgow...one at the Glasgow School of Art and one just left Glasgow Uni and one at Strathclyde. I think the girl has a facebook page, so I want to write a support message to her. May be the beginning of another spring...of women rising up even more against these cretins. Thanks for your comment Laila x

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  3. Laila ([email protected])

    There are no surprises in the grotesque barracking and misogynist language used against young womon during this debating competition . Closing womon down and silencing their voices has been an age old weapon in the armoury of patriarchal control. It is a daily occurrence for most young womon and girls if you go to the tweet of 'everyday sexism' you will know this stuff in Scotland is the daily hate shit dished up by some males who love debasing and belittling womon . No surprises to me other than your own surprise x

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