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2024 and another war and this time it's clearly a genocidal war.

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February 2024, and we are into waiting for the 'final solution' so to speak, for the Israeli war machine backed by the UK and the USA and much of Europe, to bomb the hell out of one point four million refugees who have been herded from pillar to post by the IDF, into Rafah. They are hard up against the Egyptian border and next to the Sinai desert...So 1.4 million souls, men, women and children already starving and drinking dirty water, and devastated by nightly and daily bombing face an attack by the IDF among them. So it will undoubtedly be a blood bath, a literal carnage upon an already bleeding people. We the west, stand by and ring our collective hands, or some of us do. I refer to the 'final solution' as a reminder of the Nazi's idealogy when they tried to eradicate all Jews from Europe. The Holocaust was their 'final solution'.  This Holocaust (okay no gas ovens, but carpet bombing ...11000 children dead buried in rubble) and that's just the children. A total of 27000 Palestinians have died for their resistance to illegal occupation and a seventy year campaign of oppression and land theft by illegal settlers, arrests pf children, imprisonment of same without due persecution. Aparthied is another feature of this oppression. Israel has been allowd to have  these heinous regimes simply becuase the USA and somehow here too people are afraid to call it out! They may lose the Jewish vote! However many many Jews are beside themselves with horror at what  Netanyahu is doing. He is a fascist as are his coalition buddies. He prolongs this war to save his duplicious skin, sacrificing, many many innocent people. Hamas does not equal all Palestinians. He defies Biden and yet gets millions of dollars from the US.....??? 

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