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Scotland Nationalism

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The present determination of the nationalists in Scotland to split the United Kingdom into two seems to me to be going against the tide of affairs in the western world.

The zeitgeist is for fusion not division into ever smaller nationalistic enclaves. Nothing good can ever come from constantly badmouthing the English. It shows a very narrow minded view of our own history as a nation having been brought together in any case by a Scottish King rightfully coming to reign in England.

We are better and safer together. How can history be undone? for the sake of one man's egotistical desire to have an 'independent Scotland'...with a monetary system based in the Bank of England? How about the flag of our nation? and the armed forces? and the foreign offices, the ambassadors...all requiring much money money money. A tiny country like Scotland would be very vulnerable alone in these turbulent finacial times.

The aspect which repels me most is the hate for the English which is narrow minded and ignorant prejudice. But that's what nationalism of that kind brings.

We are British all of us and also Scottish or English or Northern  Irish  or Welsh.  All the airmen and women, the sailors and the soldiers of all the nations, including from the British Empire, who fought in both World Wars against fascism, would wonder why their country is breakng itself apart.

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