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Free faith schools? What did they expect, really?

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With Tony Blair's green light some years ago for more faith schools, and Michael Gove's 'free' schools agenda, yet another kick about with our education system, making it even more fragmented, I am wondering what exactly was in their minds when bringing in these changes. 

Did they expect open, happy learning environments, with enquiring questionning minds being drawn out to explore their world with wonder, curiosity and joy?

Well, folk who adhere obsessively to rules set up in the tenth century, who segregate boys and girls , who clearly class girls as second class, want women to walk around wrapped in  heaps of cloth, tend not to be open minded, well rounded individuals. Their only raison d'etre for setting up a free school would be simply to indoctrinate their outdated and perverted version of Islam.

Was it wise to give such entrenched narrow minded people carte blanche in our education system, to pay our tax money to support such practices?

And Michael Gove why are you throwing away the National Curriculum? It was Maggie's idea remember?

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