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I have decided to ration my consumption of so called news.  The media people, who churn out news so urgently, are setting the agenda for all of us.  They decide what is going to be highlighted, and it's usually the most salacious, or violent, or celebrity focussed drivel they can seize upon.  These gobbits of information make no difference to my life except to cause faint irritation or horror in my mind, as it responds to the 'news' selected to be sent out to all of us.

I can do without the irritation and the horror, thanks very much. A steady drip drip drip of negative and sensationlized content is quite damaging in terms of stress levels.

I look forward to having more sensibly oriented time to enjoy the stuff I love doing instead. No more tilting at windmills for me! A news fast for at least a week is my aim. Will I be able to stick to it?

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  1. Laila ([email protected])

    Very wise I am happiest away from media but not easy!

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