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Climate change?

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Today March 25th 2013, Prof Sir John Boddington gave his closing remarks at the end of his tenure as government chief scientific adviser.

The direst of warnings to hear in the midst of this Arctic spell of weather, was that more of these drought/flood/freeze/bake extremes are in store for us all over the globe.

We are now 'reaping the whirlwind' of the excess consumption back in the late eighties, twenty five years ago, when the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere ballooned up, again literally and metaphorically. The weather system takes a quarter of a century to show affect.  So there we have it. 

His message is that governments across the globe need to act seriously NOW otherwise this see-sawing of extreme weather events will continue and become out of our control. 

The point of no return will pass, the tipping point will slip past unnoticed by all except scientific advisers, and our younger generations to come will inherit a wreck of a planet.

Perhaps we have passed the point of no return already?

Politicians, most of whom have no science knowledge, who have only the next election as their motivation, will fail us all.

Fiddling about arguing about windmills /nuclear/fracking/oil/hydro/drilling in the Arctic, is frankly fiddling while Rome burns.  Again close to the literal...the globe burns in this case.

A simple message needs to become our mantra...consume less, insulate more, have only two children. Enough already!

What can we each do to contribute to the reverse of this trend to distruction?

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  1. Laila ([email protected])

    They have extreme heat here in Mauritius when it should be getting cooler. Well no one wants Torsten that if you keep fouling your own nest it will become uninhabitable it is on the way for sure....????????

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