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We are urged to vote for CHANGE! Agreed but change of what to what or who for whom?

The change I want to see  is a commitment to greening Eccleshall, bringing pockets of biodiversity to the lanes and corners where we have flat swardes of grass, cut to an inch of its life. Britain is the most de-natured country on the planet we are told. I learned today that bits of the local Parish-owned land were given away to Bovis Develpoment. Why? And what did we, the owners, residents of Eccleshall,  get in return? 'Green space' they left here and here, with the odd cherry tree, some of which have died. Not enough I say. Bovis can afford to do more towards the biodiversity of this town, given the land they were given. 

Candidates for the election need to pursue biodiversity, and all the issues affecting it. (Cutting, spraying herbicides and tree preservations.) Our national health would improve. Our national mental health would improve if we have plenty of trees around towns and in towns. It is possible. It only needs the will and determnation of Parish Councillors, Borough Councillors and County Councillors. They are spending our money. We need to tell them what is vital for all of us.  Trees actually can reduce the amount of flooding because they hold the water with their roots, and soil is held rather than washed off onto our roads as we see every year here. And if we need another reason the do it this year,  then do it for King Charles! A Coronation Year Greening initiative in Eccleshall. His Majesty would grin from ear to ear to hear that a town has decided to green up in honour of his accession to the throne.

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