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Obama: The Audacity of Hope

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The Audacity of Hope is the title of Obama's book telling of the struggles of black American people towards equality, which in many ways still continues.

I wonder if he can look Palestinians in the eye and tell them to have the audacity of hope to have equal treatment instead of the apartheid separation they live under today in their own lands.

The audacity of hope not to have their children taken off and interrogated, not knowing when they'll be back.

The audacity of hope that their occupied stolen land and water springs can be given back to them, The audacity of hope to farm their olives and dates...

Well Mr Obama..can they hope?

No of course they can't.  You are too held in thrall to the arms industry giant which pours weapons into Israel to keep harassing the Palestinians, to sustain the illegal occupation.

It is not enough to orate Mr Obama, though you do it so eloquently.  Oration does not get anything done. It tends to talk of hope, and to raise hopes and so we are back to the 'audacity of hope' which you are not allowing  the Palestinians to have.

The US is supporting ethnic cleansing by foul means like spraying excrement over demonstrators.  Of course Egypt did that to stop the use of the tunnels out of Gaza. And by daily harrassment of women in their homes, taking young kids off to interrogate, innumerable checkpoints to negotiate to get to their own farmland and once there, harrassment by aggressive settlers.

The land of the free? Who are you USA?  'Free' if you are a Zionist supported, apartheid if you are a Palestinian.

Shame on you Obama! You so disappoint.

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  1. Laila ([email protected])

    Wonderfully written and so on the issues. Obama is a lost cause for the oppressed he has been bought by the Zionist lobby what let down he is such promise all dashed in a frenzy of duded hubris in Israel.

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