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Now I'm in a limbo of ...I've come to the end of this bit of the tale, I've edited, honed and now lost all rationality and objectivity, had highs and lows about it and what comes next?

The harder part  I suppose: to find an agent who likes the sound of it and thinks I might be worth taking a risk for.  It's a cut throat business, publishing, so I have no illusions about my chances. It has to be 'marketable' or nobody will touch it, even if it is, as Jacq Burns literary agent  at the London Writers' Club said,  'well written.'  Well written is not enough anymore.  There are too many of us out there with computers and ideas and time to commit!  Competition is fierce.

All I have is belief in the tale, and the knowledge  that I've written the kind of book I like to read. I enjoyed writing it too!  Time will tell.

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