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The furore today about Gerald Scarfe's cartoon depicting Netanyahu as a builder walling up his 'defence'  wall with dead Palestinians, with his trowel dripping with blood, in my opinion, is hugely misplaced.

I am not an anti-semite by any means. The Nazis who carried out the  Holocaust plumbed the deepest depth of depravity we humans have ever reached.  Jewish people are gifted, have a great social cultural vibe and I admire them for keeping their own traditions and beliefs in a difficult world.

We have a free press. We have freedom of speech.  A cartoonist's job is to offend at times, to a particular end. The Zionist Jewish lobby leap up to cry 'anti-semite' to anyone pointing out the holocaust of ethnic cleansing they have carried out over the last seven decades in Palestine. It still is in action, the illegal settlements are being joined up, Palestinians being thrown off, literally, their lands. 

But we must not point this out on Holocaust Day otherwise it is 'grotesque and offensive' according to Rupert Murdoch's Twitter feed!

But isn't it an insult to the memory of all those people who died in gas chambers, that their descendants are doing the same thing to Palestinians? Isn't that grotesque?

Ethnic cleasing is grotesque...telling the world about it, is not, whatever day it is, surely?

Does anyone out there agree with me?

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