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I wanted to share with whoever stumbles across this blog, see above, the marvel of seeing a school within a term or two, blossom to reach the capacities it always had. The catalyst was the appointment of a new head, Roger Billing, who brought with him endless enthusiasm, positivity, passion for education and the ability to translate all that into his staff and the children.  They have all turned towards him like sunflowers follow the sun. Even the governors are visibly more relaxed though just as involved and enthusiastic as they always have been. Confidence , it seems, instils confidence, just as success breeds success.  All this was inside everyone, it just needed a certain kind of nurturing for it to emerge into the light.

To see the children's work and their faces lit up with pride on their class blog-pages, and the fact that every parent/grandparent/carer/auntie/uncle can immediately see what and how they are learning, how hard they are trying their best, brings an extra dimension to the educative process. There is an extra ingredient brought by this closer knowledge of the mysteries of what's happening in those school hours. There even a maths blog...way to go!

Who knew that blogging would leap into this phase? It has brought the school community closer, with even more huge help coming from  practical parents in the line of setting up the new retired bus as a non-fiction library resource, fabulously muralled ( with a design from one of the pupils, winner of the Design for the Bus Competition) and almost finished inside, by great volunteers.

Even this week on Sports Day the school's water was 'off'...so on Twitter, Facebook and even on the school blog, messages that water was needed urgently went out and lo... it came!

Looking forward to theSummer Fete, July 6th, the big earner and a fun day! And then a Staff and Governors' Barbeque on 18th July.

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    Great Blog post and thank you for the kind comments. The Abbots Langley School community is very strong and I believe we can do anything we set out mind to. :-)

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