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  1. What can be said that has not already been said a hundred times over already in the past forty years? Generations of Palestinians have experienced land stolen, houses taken, homes demolished, illegal settlements encroaching now on the tiny land they still have, and the prospect on the ground now that with twenty four settlements in the Salfeet area alone, they now face the prospect of them being linked up by new roads, taking even more of their land away.

    Our Mr Hague tells us that we, the Brits, who caused all this, think that a two state 'solution' is the only approach worth going for....risible.  There are such tiny specks of Palestinian land now left that the  'two states' idea is worthless, a mere distraction to keep the time dragging on while the Israeli government builds more and more and squeezes the Palestinians tighter and tighter into smaller spaces.

    What an indictment of the UN, to allow this cruel genocide, across generations to creep on and on, looking the other way.  Human rights? Palestinians? Are they not worthy of them...?

    Palestinians are hanging in there, determined to keep their culture and their birthright, their land.

    Why does it go on?

    Where is the honour in GB's government?  Where is the moral high ground?  There is none that I can see from here.  Only more cruelty, stealing even more land, demolishing more houses, poisoning their water, walling off their olive groves, putting  in check points, control towers and an Apartheid system towards Arabs in Israel.  None of this can have a good outcome for any of us.

    Take out the sting, stop it festering.  Take away Iran's excuse to bomb with its A-bomb. 

    Obama be brave and make a bold move...tell the Israelis to stop it and make friends!


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