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  1. Today I changed the name of one of the main characters in the novel to Prem.  It means 'love' in Sanskrit and is used often as a name. It seemed an appropriate name since his entire motivation for his move from India to Africa, the work in his uncle's shops, the privations of sleeping under counters for years, setting up  his own new business, alone in a small Ugandan village, was entirely love of his two sons and the desire to give them a better life than they would have in an Indian village in the early twentieth century.

    That love, the kind of love my husband's grandfather showed, set in train  a sequence  of events which still influences our lives today....since a fourth and now  a fifth generation of his family, are in our lives here in the UK in 2013.

    Seems appropriate on the day before Valentine's Day.

    In the words of Chaucer 'Amor vincit omnia' ...love conquers all.


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