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  1. Three mishaps…is this a trend?

     Last  week we went out to lunch at Little Marrakesh, St Albans.  Just before leaving to drive to St Albans, I had picked up  two gold bangles and a chunky amber ring to wear on my right hand.  Both of these bangles have to be forced on to my squeezed hand by the way.

     When we reached home afterwards, I noticed I was missing a bangle, though quite how it came off, I have no inkling.  The chunky ring would have stopped it had I tried to take it off myself. I would have had to remove the ring first.  No sign of it at the restaurant.  Mystery.

    Next , in the excitement of receiving the long awaited assessment of  Unsuitable Girl from The Oxford Editors, I left the hand basin tap running with hot water, called by Pratap’s,  ‘Come and see this for  a minute,’   went into my study at the other side of the house, to  see the gist of the report.  Meanwhile the tap was quietly running, with the plug in…half an hour at least went by, till I went along to get in the bath, which I had already run, to find myself paddling, really paddling, in hot water.  Pratap went downstairs ‘just to check’ and found he was paddling in hot water too, as it was running through the floor, down the door,  into the study downstairs. I grabbed  all the towels and bath mats  to lay to soak up the floods.  The place had a hot wallpaper paste smell, and the floors looked extra clean after the final mop up.

     Next is the worst thing:  Yesterday, I made a call on my iphone to Pratap to meet me in Abbots Road after a school visit. Then (I thought) as usual, I placed it in its pocket, inside my handbag.  But it must have gone into my own personal void, where the bangle is, and where my attention span has temporarily gone also it would seem. 

    What was I doing, putting the thing into  my bag/ not into my bag?  Was I contacted by aliens and my brain wiped momentarily, while they stole my iphone?


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