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  1. My friend Simran, on her FB page Simran Kahani - Children of Hope, and on Simran’s Link (web)  reaches out to support those who have been disowned or fear disownment within the south Asian community, due to the issue of honour and shame.

    Examples of this include being disowned for  the choosing to not have an arranged marriage, the right to  choose whom to be with in marriage or partnership, regardless of race, caste, creed or religion. There are many other reasons that people can be disowned, sometimes these may be about  independence and the  choice to have an education, which the family may not value and encourage.

    Simran’s work recognises what disownment brings, when individuals are affecteded by family and community  'honour', the isolation they face, and most importantly her work  focuses on rebuilding lives by exploring subjects such as lifestory, sharing of similar lives, to affirm that those disowned or just fearing disownment, are not alone. Practical help with information is provided with rebuilding relationships and self worth.

     That this is still happening in 2014 is alarming  to say the least, but illustrative of the fact  there can be many injustices unknown of, or hidden, in our communities.  We can sometimes think that we are ‘educated in the west, we are rational, forward thinking, and we are right…. and that choices are available to all, easily'...so we think.

     Simran’s work recognises and understands that… the story of Pravin and Amy in  ‘Unsuitable Girl’…. is very alive in today's world, where two people from very different cultures, races and religions unite in their strong love, rather than follow the  expectations of their parents.

     This is not an unfamiliar story in 2014.  Previous generations still hold entrenched views… but may it help those in similar situations today to affirm  their own stories, enable those who don’t understand, to understand, and for  those who don’t know, to have knowledge of the subject .

    Such is the story of Pravin and Amy in Unsuitable Girl, back in the sixties, when that new band called the Beatles leapt to fame, though luckily for Pravin, his parents are thousands of miles away. 




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