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  1. Today's blog is about a very brave woman, Um Fadi,  who came over to the UK to talk about her son and his friends, the five Hares boys, incarcerated by the Israeli regime, for a crime which did not happen, 'fitted up' by settlers in whose interest is  to make this car accident into a terrorist incident so they can claim compensation form the Israeli government.


    She has talked this week  to the cross party group at Westminster, to the FO, and to us, at the Watford Friends of Salfeet, yesterday evening.


    The car was rammed under the back end of a lorry which had been stationary on the road, in the dark.  By the look of the smash it has been assessed that the driver had been travelling at 50-70 mph.  The driver of the lorry said he had had a blow out  and had gone to fetch help.  When he returned he found the car smashed into the back of his truck.


    He subsequently changed his story.  The driver changed her story three times.


    The olive grove adjacent, but 30 metres above the road, is allegedly the place from which these boys had been throwing stones, according to the  driver.

    How could anyone driving in the dark, at speed, see and identify someone 30 metres above their line of sight? Untenable.


    No stones were to be seen on the road at the time anyway.  But three days after a stone was found in the car…fishy.


    At a Community Tea house , on the road to the olive grove, old men were sitting out playing backgammon  and chatting, and they heard the crash, but saw no people passing before, to get to the olive grove. So no one was there to be throwing stones.


    Palestinians are forbidden from testifying at all Israeli Military Courts by the IDF.

    So the presiding 'judiciary' will never hear real evidence supporting the Hares Boy's innocence.


    Also: The illegal settlers have introduced wild boars which wander free around the territory after dark.  So all Palestinians stay indoors after dark.  The boys were at home.  It's  too dangerous to be out after dark.


    And: Why would these people in the car do this?  Because if they claim that the boys were throwing stones that would be deemed a 'terrorist incident' and then the occupants of the car and the driver could receive  substantial compensation from the Israeli government.  So suddenly, 61 settlers emanated from the dark, as  'witnesses'.


    Meantime the boys have been shut up in small cells since March 2013. The 'evidence' against them - signed confessions in Hebrew, which they do not understand, and presented to them after being  beaten and under going the brutal interrogation techniques at which the Israelis are now expert. 


    Their parents see them, undertaking  a long journey to get to the prison.   They see them in a crowded noisy environment, and can hardly hear their sons speak   .  They have to take them clothes, toothpaste, soap, all essential things to keep them clean and healthy.  The prison does not supply any basic care.


    This regime of Netenyahu  is flouting the Geneva Convention of 2007 of which it is a signatory.


    These boys are innocent.  This is cruel and unusual punishment for nothing.


    Um Fadi is fighting for her son and his friends against a regime which is expert at repression, brutal in its aim to ethnically cleanse  the West Bank of all Palestinians.  The Watford Friends of Salfeet funded her trip.


    And yet and yet, here in the wonderful 'free' UK, no paper would touch this story yesterday, no main stream TV or Radio media would take an interest.  Our MP did not attend the public meeting.  Shame on us UK!


    The lives of five Palestinian boys and their shattered families  count for nothing , against the war stories, and celeb trivia which fill the pages of most papers.





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