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  1. In the present virulent atmosphere of the smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, it is almost scary to write anything against the Israeli right wing government's actions against their indigenous ciizens, who are Arab, or Palestinian. This would be stamped as 'antisemitic' and as such it is a flagrant example of how a regime with covert placements in many of our government offices, are turning the climate of legitimate critcism against an occupying force, funded by the USA, into evidence of 'institutional antisemitism' in the Labour Party.

    The right wing of the Conservative and Labour Parties ( both have a Friends of Israel group) do not want Corbyn to ever be in a position of power because he understands the position of the Palestinian dispossessed people, and will not keep his mouth shut. To understand this whole crime against one people, is to be antisemitic...the idea being to shut down any speech about Israel, its recent crimes and its plans for the whole of the remaining West Bank.

    And more frightening to them, and evidence of their fear, is that the BDS Campaign has gained traction internationally which is impelling them to attack what they see as the head of their enemies in this country....Jeremy Corbyn. 

    Our media are largely silent...on news stories about ethnic cleansing, demolitions of villages, of children's arrests, of apartheid and spraying Palestinians with raw sewage, of stealing water sources, of cutting them off from their own farmlands...strange isn't it, in our proudly 'free' press.

    What or who is shutting their collective mouths?


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