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  1. Having watched our PM Boris Johnson mock the pleas of female MPs to moderate his language when referring to the Benn Bill, explaining to him that this febrile atmosphere reminds them of the time when Jo Cox MP was murdered in the street, during a similar meltdown in public debate before the referendum in 2016. He smirked his reply, 'Humbug!'

    And he continued to use the words, 'Betray, surrender, capitulation,' throughout his replies whenever he could fit them in. So he wants to portray people who do not want to crash out of the EU, and want a proper deal,  as traitors it seems. 

    Our MPs face, in their constituencies daily, death threats, encouraged by Johnson's intemperate language. 

    His disrespect for his colleagues is appalling and brings our whole parliamentary tradition into disrepute. 

    His game of pitching 'Plucky Boris against the Establishment' or 'The People versus Parliament' is a dangerous one, and he may find it leads to a tragedy.

    It needs to stop. 


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